Joseph Barkley

is the lead and founding pastor of Radius Church. He is the lead champion of our vision and the primary communicator on Sundays. He is passionate about speaking for people who’ve previously written off the church or had never considered faith. He loves seeing God give people new beginnings and believes these miracles are happening all the time because Jesus is alive.

He was born in Long Beach, California and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Biola University. After he and his wife, Katie, were married in 2001, he toured and published as a career musician for nearly a decade. In 2004, Joseph and Katie became very involved in local churches in Hollywood. After the birth of 2 daughters and several divine surprises, the compulsion to lead, teach and serve as a pastor emerged in Joseph’s heart and was confirmed by the opportunity to serve full-time in 2009. He quit the music business and has been serving in ministry ever since.

In the Summer of 2014, Joseph and a small group of high-caliber, creative and passionate people began dreaming about a new church to serve Los Angeles with the vision to be a church for people convinced church is irrelevant. In February of 2015, Radius launched weekly services to put that vision into reality. He believes the local church can be the most provocative, innovative and future-thinking contexts to serve.

He can also be kind of a dork sometimes.

You can also check out Joseph’s personal blog at, or on instagram at @jkbarkley.