3rd Anniversary Sunday: How Sweet the Sound

Joseph spends a few minutes during our 3rd Anniversary Sunday to celebrate how great God has been and how much the city still needs to hear about the hope, purpose, value and vision God wants to share through us.

Marks of Maturity: Yes Means No

In this final talk of the series, Joseph exposes a special kind of lie a lot of us tell—some of us tell it every single day. And the reason we tell it is that we think it STRENGTHENS our future. We want to answer that lie with a kind of TRUTH only mature people tell—and why your best future is waiting for you to tell it.

Marks of Maturity: Something to Hold Onto

Are you tired of seeing another example of someone with power, influence or artistry destroyed by a lapse in judgement or an addiction? Someone respected and honored dismantled by their past? Well, how can you be certain it will never happen to you? In this talk, Joseph uncovers the least popular, yet most powerful mark of maturity. Some of the people in your life won’t understand it, but your future will thank you for it.

Marks of Maturity: I Got This

Mature individuals aren’t just aware of their weaknesses and blindspots, they’re also keenly aware of what makes them exceptionally strong. Some call it their “genius," their “edge," their “brand." It’s how “you do you." Whatever you call it, God’s handcrafted you to make a unique mark on history and many live their entire lives never knowing what it is. In this talk, we uncover the counter-intuitive mark of maturity that uncovers your strength and the reason it’s any good in the first place.

Marks of Maturity: Your Secret Weapon

Many people will tell you that the greatest predictor of healthy relationships and career success is self-awareness. The more you know you, the better you know how to move you through the world. But many of us avoid this powerful practice. In this talk, Joseph will uncover why so much hinges on how well you know yourself and how to fearlessly discover more.

Marks of Maturity: Mine! Mine! Mine!

Most of us have hit that roadblock before. We have a desire to create a future, we have a vision for what it could be, but our relationships, our boss, our circumstances, the economy have put a damper on it. We’re held back. In this talk, Joseph reveals the source of what’s really holding you back from your future and the one, critical step you have to take to get rid of it.   

Marks of Maturity: Begin With an End

Whether you’re a resolution person or not, no one starts a year hoping absolutely NOTHING improves in their life. So, let’s ask the question: Is there anything you can do this year to radically improve your chances of having a radically improved future? In this introductory talk, Joseph explains why MATURITY is more important than talent, hard work and luck when it comes a great future. He’ll also reveal the first indication that you have maturity—and why so many people never find it.

Unto Us: God Through Us.

If the invisible God became a visible baby, maybe it means God will meet the tangible problems we’re facing in this world with tangible solutions. Christmas is a time to celebrate love, joy, hope and peace, but how can we actually produce more of that light in a world addicted to darkness? The birth of Jesus might contain the answer.

Unto Us: God With Us.

Imagine getting everything you asked for under the tree, but never getting to see the loved one who gave it all to you? Is it enough to provide, but not be present? Possibly the most powerful idea behind Christmas is the idea that God isn’t “up there” or “out there” giving us good things every once in awhile, but God is “HERE” somehow. And, if God is with you, what would that matter? What would change?

Unto Us: God For Us.

Does Christmas really mean anything beyond our great traditions? It’s a season for giving, celebrating and being together. But is there a reason we throw Jesus the biggest birthday party in the world to remember those things? Certainly, there were a lot of big claims about his birth—people believed God was showing up in a little baby. So, if that’s true, then what could that mean about God, about what He’s like?


The Space Between: Be a Cheater

There comes a moment when you’ve tried to get the most out of life, but you lose control of your life. Most of us don’t see it coming. But we ask to wedge in one more “extra”—and we’ve done it hundreds of times before—but this time something cracks. We’ve hit a breaking point with the people we care about the most. Too much stress. Too much work. Too many “exceptions”. So what do you do when your life is so full, the people who matter most are getting squeezed out?

The Space Between: Our Days Are Numbered

Why do we allow our pace to take up all our space? As margin decreases, stress increases, our focus narrows and our relationships suffer. Because our time is limited we need the wisdom to know how to limit our time.

The Space Between: Bleak Friday

’Tis the season. Minutes after Thanksgiving dishes have been cleaned, we launch into the most expensive time of the year. And, if your regular financial pace has taken up all your financial space, you will live to regret it. But this doesn’t have to be another Christmas that borrows from your financial future. It can be a Christmas that helps create a financial future. Let’s end the crazy.

The Space Between: Crowded House

We all know what it’s like to feel like we’re living at our limit: we’re exhausted, cranky, worried and the people and ideas we want to focus on the most are getting leftovers—if anything at all. It’s no way to live. We don’t have any time for the connections, generosity, creativity or rest we really want. But then the holidays strike and what’s was barely sustainable is now disastrous. Maybe one day we’ll earn enough or achieve enough to get ahead of it. Or, maybe the breakthrough idea is staring us right in the face. Maybe help is here right…on…time.

Chapter One: Movement

As we wrap up this series—and if you’re considering or reconsidering Christianity—you have to know one more thing that actually HAPPENED—no one denies it. This thing didn’t just disrupt the world at the time. It’s disrupting the world all the time. Some would even say it’s another sign that Jesus must be alive and still at work. And the best part? Every single person is invited to be a part of it.


Chapter One: Find Your Truth

When we were kids, we’d believe anything. Wizards exist. Blowing out all the candles grants wishes. Storks deliver babies. Thankfully, we’ve outgrown a lot of those silly beliefs. But, have we also outgrown the need for…belief? What helpful or logical role could belief and faith play in a mature perspective of life? In this message, we admit how powerful belief is and how to point it in a direction that will stand the test of time.

Chapter One: I Will If You Will

Every single person has wondered what it will take to get God’s attention and God’s favor—even the most devout atheist has wondered if it’s possible from time to time when all else fails. Let’s settle this once and for all: Does God (if he, she, it, they actually exists), care about my behavior? How much? Does it help me have a life with God? Does God get me started and then negotiate good things in my life based on my performance? If so, where can I find the assignment? If not, then what’s the use in doing anything good at all? This talk will not only answer this question, but provide a concept that lies at the very heart of Christianity alone—take it or leave it.

Chapter One: Take It All Away

What will finally take away the feelings of regret, guilt, shame, embarrassment or just bad memories you have from your past? Whatever you think about religion, isn’t it interesting that the only ones that stick have to offer some solution to this dilemma? If there’s a solution, maybe it’s another big, helpful idea that belongs in the first chapter of every life. You decide.

Chapter One: Thou Shalt

 What are rules good for? Why do religions have so many of them? Why can’t they agree on which ones are important? Islam has 5 pillars. There are 10 Commandments. Buddhism has an 8-Fold Path. What’s the point of rules and, frankly, what’s the point in keeping them? Are some necessary to get you into the faith club? Into Heaven?! If God’s all grace, how seriously should we take the rule-keeping?

Chapter One: Bloody Mess

When most of us were growing up we heard things like, “God helps those who help themselves.” But most of us have had to revisit that assumption because, let’s face it, we’ve hit some challenges in life, done everything we could to “help ourselves” and still felt like God is absent. The beginning of that part of the story needs a re-write. So, if God’s going to intervene in my life at all, what do you have to DO to get on His schedule? What do you have to do to know for certain you’re not alone in the struggles of life?