The Space Between: Bleak Friday

’Tis the season. Minutes after Thanksgiving dishes have been cleaned, we launch into the most expensive time of the year. And, if your regular financial pace has taken up all your financial space, you will live to regret it. But this doesn’t have to be another Christmas that borrows from your financial future. It can be a Christmas that helps create a financial future. Let’s end the crazy.

The Space Between: Crowded House

We all know what it’s like to feel like we’re living at our limit: we’re exhausted, cranky, worried and the people and ideas we want to focus on the most are getting leftovers—if anything at all. It’s no way to live. We don’t have any time for the connections, generosity, creativity or rest we really want. But then the holidays strike and what’s was barely sustainable is now disastrous. Maybe one day we’ll earn enough or achieve enough to get ahead of it. Or, maybe the breakthrough idea is staring us right in the face. Maybe help is here right…on…time.

Chapter One: Movement

As we wrap up this series—and if you’re considering or reconsidering Christianity—you have to know one more thing that actually HAPPENED—no one denies it. This thing didn’t just disrupt the world at the time. It’s disrupting the world all the time. Some would even say it’s another sign that Jesus must be alive and still at work. And the best part? Every single person is invited to be a part of it.


Chapter One: Find Your Truth

When we were kids, we’d believe anything. Wizards exist. Blowing out all the candles grants wishes. Storks deliver babies. Thankfully, we’ve outgrown a lot of those silly beliefs. But, have we also outgrown the need for…belief? What helpful or logical role could belief and faith play in a mature perspective of life? In this message, we admit how powerful belief is and how to point it in a direction that will stand the test of time.

Chapter One: I Will If You Will

Every single person has wondered what it will take to get God’s attention and God’s favor—even the most devout atheist has wondered if it’s possible from time to time when all else fails. Let’s settle this once and for all: Does God (if he, she, it, they actually exists), care about my behavior? How much? Does it help me have a life with God? Does God get me started and then negotiate good things in my life based on my performance? If so, where can I find the assignment? If not, then what’s the use in doing anything good at all? This talk will not only answer this question, but provide a concept that lies at the very heart of Christianity alone—take it or leave it.

Chapter One: Take It All Away

What will finally take away the feelings of regret, guilt, shame, embarrassment or just bad memories you have from your past? Whatever you think about religion, isn’t it interesting that the only ones that stick have to offer some solution to this dilemma? If there’s a solution, maybe it’s another big, helpful idea that belongs in the first chapter of every life. You decide.

Chapter One: Thou Shalt

 What are rules good for? Why do religions have so many of them? Why can’t they agree on which ones are important? Islam has 5 pillars. There are 10 Commandments. Buddhism has an 8-Fold Path. What’s the point of rules and, frankly, what’s the point in keeping them? Are some necessary to get you into the faith club? Into Heaven?! If God’s all grace, how seriously should we take the rule-keeping?

Chapter One: Bloody Mess

When most of us were growing up we heard things like, “God helps those who help themselves.” But most of us have had to revisit that assumption because, let’s face it, we’ve hit some challenges in life, done everything we could to “help ourselves” and still felt like God is absent. The beginning of that part of the story needs a re-write. So, if God’s going to intervene in my life at all, what do you have to DO to get on His schedule? What do you have to do to know for certain you’re not alone in the struggles of life?

Chapter One: Semantics

No matter what we were taught when we were young, we know in our grown-up minds that there’s something a little…off…about all of us. Something that gets in our way whenever we try to be the kind of person we would look up to. Something that seems to complicate or even disintegrate our closest relationships. We try and try, but we can’t seem to fix it. What is that? In this talk, Joseph reveals why it’s so important we identify the right problem before we can ever hope to get rid of it.

Chapter One: It Was the Best of Times

Every story has a beginning—your story has a beginning. You might not think about it this way, but even the story of what you believe and why has a beginning, a “first chapter”. It was probably written sometime in childhood and filled with ideas about the universe and you place in it. Maybe it included some ideas about God. Maybe it didn’t. Regardless, every person has gone through moments when the rest of the story doesn’t seem to line up completely with the beginning. The complexities of adulthood forced you to reconsider the simplicity of childhood belief. Maybe it’s time to take a second look—maybe even rewrite—chapter one.

Vision Sunday: It Was Only a Dream

God’s giving us a huge vision for this city. Talent won’t get us there. The best strategy won’t get us there. God’s vision so expansive, we have to rely on one, mission-critical habit that has always worked in every generation.

We Are Family: On Purpose

There’s one, big difference between a “group” and a “family”. One difference between a “couple” and a “family”. One difference between “pals” and “family”. That difference is PURPOSE: Why should we stay together? What will be different in our lives and in the world because we’re sticking with each other? Answering that question is not as simple as you think—but it makes all the difference.

We Are Family: Move Ahead

There’s a couple of bad words in Christianity. No, not the ones you’re thinking of. I’m talking about words like “sin” and “wrath”—words that seem loaded and offensive. Here’s another one: REPENTANCE. Doesn’t sound too incredible, does it? This weekend, guest speaker Jason Jaggard reveals why the best families make this a part of their culture…and why you want it too.

We Are Family: Stand Out Among

Racism isn’t new, but it certainly finds new ways to reduce, dismiss or—in the most devastating examples—take life. In this talk, we won’t just try to make sense of this issue, but come up with concrete ways to combat it in our own lives and, ultimately, in the world around us.

We Are Family: Stand Out With

Did you ever dread the day a boyfriend or girlfriend was going to meet your family? Maybe they thought you were cool, but the day the see the way your Mom dances while she cooks or that filthy shirt your Dad insisted on wearing when he was relaxing at home, that might be the day they run for the hills. Every family has its quirks. But does the CHURCH family have to have so many? Can’t we just be normal? But where’s the fun in that? In this talk, we explore which quirks we want to get rid of and which ones we want most definitely want to keep.


We Are Family: Stick With

In this age, a lot of us assume “casual” and “undependable” are the best ways to describe the best relationships we have. Doesn’t sound like much of a family, but it’s the kind of “family” many of us know. So, in the middle of a buddy, login/logoff, friends-with-benefits, easy-divorce moment in history, what would it look like to create an entirely new legacy, a new family that’s marked by staying around no matter what? Is it even possible?

We Are Family: Get Real

Vulnerability usually has a negative definition: to be threatened, exposed, susceptible to harm, to be a “sitting duck”. And yet, there’s an appealing kind of vulnerability. Don’t we all long to have relationships where we can be completely real, completely ourselves and still not fear judgement, rejection and condemnation? In this talk, Joseph reveals why the church has sometimes been the hardest place to find that kind of family and what to do to stop it.

We Are Family: Start Over

Everybody's family has its own quirks. Maybe it’s the silly holiday sweaters or the insane fascination with board games or March Madness. Other people might look at your family and think it’s weird, but, hey, that’s your family! It’s what you might miss about your family if the relationship is strained or you don’t live near them. It’s what’s so hard to recreate or find with the people you have around you now. In the first talk of the series, Joseph reveals the family God wants to give you right where you are—and one, strange quirk that makes building this new family worth it.

Unstuck from Fear (Melissa Edge)

Ever been afraid to risk? To trust again? To dream bigger? To have faith? This morning was designed for you. In this talk, we address how to break free when we are stuck with fear. Radius welcomes back guest speaker, Melissa Edge—someone who’s already lived a story full of extreme highs and the most devastating lows you can imagine. She knows what it’s like to be stopped in your tracks by fear and how to get moving again.

Unstuck from Shame (Mike Foster)

I don’t know when it happened for you, but early on we all get messages that tell us what “good enough” looks like. It could’ve ben as simple as being picked for sports on the playground or getting a C- in Math, but for many it cut deeper—parents who let you know you weren’t the dream child they’d wanted, a romance that ended in severe rejection or maybe even a church who told you anyone with a track record like yours can’t belong until they clean up. Whatever it is, we’ve all been stuck in the story of “not good enough”. Well, that’s an old story. And it’s a make believe story. This week, guest speaker, Mike Foster from People of the Second Chance shares how to break free from the “not good enough” story so we can find out who we really were all along: someone worthy of love and a future.