Unstuck from Fear (Melissa Edge)

Ever been afraid to risk? To trust again? To dream bigger? To have faith? This morning was designed for you. In this talk, we address how to break free when we are stuck with fear. Radius welcomes back guest speaker, Melissa Edge—someone who’s already lived a story full of extreme highs and the most devastating lows you can imagine. She knows what it’s like to be stopped in your tracks by fear and how to get moving again.

Unstuck from Shame (Mike Foster)

I don’t know when it happened for you, but early on we all get messages that tell us what “good enough” looks like. It could’ve ben as simple as being picked for sports on the playground or getting a C- in Math, but for many it cut deeper—parents who let you know you weren’t the dream child they’d wanted, a romance that ended in severe rejection or maybe even a church who told you anyone with a track record like yours can’t belong until they clean up. Whatever it is, we’ve all been stuck in the story of “not good enough”. Well, that’s an old story. And it’s a make believe story. This week, guest speaker, Mike Foster from People of the Second Chance shares how to break free from the “not good enough” story so we can find out who we really were all along: someone worthy of love and a future.

Unstuck from Comparison (Tom Hughes)

We all do it. We all find that person we wish we were. Maybe it’s inspiring at times, but once inspiration becomes envy and jealousy, we’re miserable. If you’ve ever been stuck in this comparison trap, not only do you feel insecure, but you might waste months—maybe years!—trying to be someone you were never meant to be. The real you is waiting, but how can you break out? Guest speaker Tom Hughes brings us to an often-misunderstood parable of Jesus to reveal the solution.

With Much Power: The Power Pack

We all need to find our “People”—people who like what we like, believe in us, laugh with us, maybe share our values. And, when you find “your people”, you have a level of support and strength you can’t get alone. In this final talk of our series, Joseph reveals how we can have all the right “People” and still completely miss out on all the power. The life you want to lead, the difference you want to make needs the right team, but it also needs this one, crucial approach.

With Much Power: Overpowered

Everybody’s felt crushed by the pressures of life. Maybe it’s the kids. Maybe it’s your career. It could be some challenges in your relational world. For some of us, it’s just a little dark. You might even say “hopeless”. Where do you go? How do you get the energy and perspective you need to fight another day? There’s a power present in your life that people have tapped into for millennia. Discover the one practice that taps into it.

With Much Power: The Green Lantern

One of the greatest superpowers we have is in our wallet. The way we save and spend our money impacts communities and climates around the world! In this talk, Joseph reveals one idea from Scripture that will celebrate the difference we can make with how we spend—and, if you practice this idea, you might discover a miracle God can’t wait to do in your own life.

With Much Power: Fighting the Forces of Evil

Evil exists. Maybe you call it something different—maybe it’s “injustice” or “bigotry” or “endangerment” or “abuse” or “discrimination”—but there are forces that destroy. But, the only reason we notice evil or care about evil at all is because another power exists, burning within us: the power of justice. In this talk, Joseph reveals how all of us can activate this power in effective ways, face the bad guys and—though we don’t think about it as often—avoid creating our own small evil in the process.

With Much Power: Secret Powers (Kye Chung)

You ever feel like powerful moments must be happening somewhere around the world, they just don’t seem to be happening in YOUR world? We’ve all felt that. This week, special guest speaker, Kye Chung reveals how to be in the right place at the right time to experience God’s power. It’s closer than you think.

With Much Power: The Power Lines

As we start this growth series, can we just agree on something? Most of the problems facing our world today stem from an abuse of power. The wrong people seem to have it and good people seem to be corrupted by it. But the result is the same: People are hurt. So, would it better for people to avoid power? Avoid greatness? Jesus introduces one powerful principle that redeems power, awakens how much you actually have already and makes all of us want to see more of it.

Who Is Jesus: He Didn’t Play Fair.

In this last installment of our series, Joseph takes a honest look at the fatal choices religious people make. If religion leads people to give their lives unnecessarily, than let’s call it what it is: dangerous. Followers of Jesus are no exception in the world of religions. Christians have given their lives for their faith. But there’s one, clear, alarming distinction between HOW these faithful breathed their last and martyrs of every other tradition. Even if you never have to put your life on the line, can you understand what about was so different about Jesus that inspired them to give it all?

Who Is Jesus: The Least and the Last

However you see Jesus, one thing is historically clear. Jesus saw the world in a new way. He saw things in people no one else did. He saw potential where others saw problems. He saw value where other people saw waste. He saw friends where others saw enemies. It’s not overstating to say Jesus' perspective didn’t just change his world, it changed the way most of us see each other. Who was this man?

Who is Jesus: The Low Down

I wonder what the next generation will remember after we’re gone? Will it be innovation? Celebrities? Political tensions and breakthroughs? One mark this age may leave on history is the importance of doing good—everyone from high school students to Fortune 500 companies strive to enhance the world around them.
It’s humbling to think about—and we can’t gloss over it—but that’s not always been the mark Christians have left.
But is that the mark Jesus left? If so, maybe He’s not worth following. If not, then where’d so many go so wrong? Let’s get back to the source and see if we can’t find out.

Who is Jesus: He's Just So Weird

Can we just admit that Christians can be an odd bunch? Crazy beliefs, crazy habits…and all that singing! In this message, Joseph launches a new growth series exploring a question on a lot of people’s minds—maybe one you think you already know the answer to, but a question that we think will help cut through a lot of the noise. Let’s really look at the question: Who is Jesus? Because, if you want to know what makes a religion or philosophy or practice distinct, a good place to start…is the START. The founder. And you thought Christians were odd!

All Things New: The End of the Sentence

The resurrection of Jesus is a pretty great ending for a story. You can believe it or not, but it’s definitely unforgettable. So, why did one of the most trusted biographies of Jesus end the whole story with nothing but…fear and doubt? That’s not how you punctuate your story to inspire people. What are we supposed to think? In this special Easter message, Joseph admits the resurrection of Jesus is either nothing but good news or nothing but a good fairy tale. You decide.

God in the Dark: Just Say the Word

Have you ever been so sure about the direction of your life—maybe it’s a “dream”, a “vision”, maybe you’d say it’s a “calling”—but then life doesn’t happen according to plan and you're forced to reconsider, lose vision or just lose heart? How do you know what to do next? Which way to go? If God is real and has a great plan for your life and if it was possible to know how to step out of the dark into that great plan, would you want to know how?

God in the Dark: Where Are You?

 If God’s all-powerful and He actually loves us, then why would He let humans suffer so much? We all know our lives are short, but why would there ALSO have to be so much physical, relational or emotional suffering before the final moments? Whether it’s you or people you care about, it’s hard to justify prolonged pain. What could God possible be doing when we suffer? In this message, special guest speaker Tiana Spencer shares boldly from her own life, her own pain, and gives us something more than empty platitudes. She reveals the hope that awaits us all.

God in the Dark: Just TELL me!

In the wake of the recent killings near Parliament in London, we’re again faced with our doubts. God, are you there? God, are you good? Anytime we see evil people in power, anytime we see good people suffering, anytime our assumptions are questioned by smart people this nagging, unwarranted doubt bubbles up. So, do we just ignore it and hope it goes away? Do we assume it can’t be resolved? In this week’s message, Joseph reveals the hidden gift God’s giving us wrapped up in every doubt and why it might be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Evolution of Love: I insist

The build up to the wedding day can be thrilling—so many expectations, dreams, goals, hopes. After the streamers are put away and the wedding cake digested? Different story. So many marriages struggle. So many marriages disappoint. And, frankly, so many marriages end. Is there a way to struggle-proof marriage? Probably not. But is there a way to divorce and devastation and affair-proof it? Absolutely. In this message, Joseph shares the one principle marriages have been succeeding with for centuries.

Evolution of Love: The Bridge

Though it only affects a small percentage of the population, each person within that small percentage matters. Why have members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/transsexual) community felt unwelcome and even targeted by followers of a man who preached love to outsiders and religious people alike? In this message, Joseph explores how the reasons may be obvious, the actions and words unforgettable; but before we give up hope, the remarkable solution may lie in the same place that created the division to begin with.

Evolution of Love: The Talk

We all remember it.

The first time.

We remember the awkwardness, the terror, the shock, the giggles.

No, we’re not talking about “IT”.

We’re talking about the first time someone really tried to talk to you about “IT” (outside the information you were getting from some friends, of course).

It’s was likely a parent, maybe a bitter PE teacher. “The Talk” probably filled in the necessary blanks, but it might not have covered why “IT” is so mysterious and exciting and “hands off”.

In this “The Talk”, we’re going to discover why “IT” is worth the nerves.