What Are We Waiting For?: Genesis

This time of year brings out people’s true motives. Gifts are flying in every direction and a lot of us are secretly thinking, “What’s in it for me?” When it comes to the first Christmas, it’s natural to ask the same question. Jesus was born. But, “What’s in it for me?” Or, put another way, “What difference does it actually make in my life?” In this second morning of our series, we reveal a spectacular present God was hiding in plain sight in that feeding trough. And some people will worry this present isn’t for them at all.

What Are We Waiting For?: Make it Right

Santa. Rudolph. Angels. Christmas carols almost give us permission to expect a little more wonder. A little magic. Even grown ups can suspend disbelief a little for Christmas. We’re told songs have been a part of Christmas since the first one. Of course, if all the magic promised in those songs came true, it would really be something. JOY that never goes away? HOPE that feels like certainty? What about this whopper? This baby was supposed to bring PEACE! But it’s hard to ignore that, while we’re celebrating Christmas, sadness, oppression, and violence are still realities in our world today. Nice song, but we’ll have to suspend disbelief to sing it. Or, maybe there’s something more to what we’re celebrating than we realize.

THX: Win or Lose

One of the greatest plagues on our gratitude is worry. It’s hard to be grateful when there’s so much to worry about—worry that we won’t have enough money to put our kids through school or retire, worry that we’ll miss out on opportunities in our career, worry that our circumstances will chance suddenly and we won’t be prepared. Jesus taught us the antidote to worry—and the second secret to a lifestyle of gratitude.

THX: As Is

What if thanksgiving was more than an annual holiday? What if it was an accurate description of your life? What would that look like? How would you feel? How would the people around you feel? A lifestyle of gratitude is powerful. But a lifestyle of gratitude isn’t accidental. Discover the first of 2 key decisions every thankful life practices.

Fix Your Eyes: Wide-Eyed

Our captivations say a lot about us. They are like “gods” to us—the things we think give us a reason to be alive or tell us what’s most important. They become the places we go when life hurts. Maybe you turn to yourself, maybe you turn to friends. Maybe you turn to God or some concept of Him. But why? Why should it work? Why should God get any attention at all? Why is He any more powerful than some hard work and a good therapist?

Fix Your Eyes: All You See Is Love

If there’s something big enough for our full attention it’s LOVE. Life doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by the loves of our lives. And life never seems darker than when they’ve left us, betrayed us or never crossed our paths in the first place. But, is it possibly that our determination to have love is actually ruining our chances to find it?

Fix Your Eyes: Let Me See Where It Hurts

When good, beautiful things get all of our attention, they start to lose their luster—kind of like when you overplay your favorite song. This might seem like an odd question, but is there a beauty in our pain that might get lost if it absorbs us too much?

Fix Your Eyes: To Your Success (Jason Jaggard)

Everyone relates to the idea of “success” differently. Some of us have been hurt by it. Others wish they had more of it. Should we even care about being successful? What does it look like to handle success in a healthy way and how do we know when we aren’t?

Fix Your Eyes: The Big Picture

We live in a moment of ever-expanding options: Live for this. Identify with this. Brand yourself like this. Work on this. Worry about this. Empty your wallet and fill your life with this. This series is dedicated to ONE outcome: FOCUS—living passionately in a direction with the fewest regrets and second-guessing possible.

UNcomplicating: In This Family

Some of us still have old, harmful stuff in our lives that might be negatively affecting or even harming new relationships. Many of us simply try to find new people to play old parts from an old story we grew up in. In this last message of the series, we get one question that can finally detangle this mess and redirect or, in some rare cases, remove the obsolete, inadequate and harmful connections for good.

UNcomplicating: Rerouting the Connection

From the first years, our family helped us establish all kinds of connections between our emotions, our bodies, our accomplishments and our place in this world. Some helpful, some harmful. But, to detangle this mess, we can’t just focus on Mommy and Daddy issues. Have you ever wondered what value deserves to be salvaged or preserved from our family experience? What’s worth hanging onto? In this talk, we learn of one choice that brings out the best from our our past.

UNcomplicating: Faultine

To create your own unique and healthy future, it’s crucial to practice self-awareness. What instincts are you nurturing in your relationships? What’s healthy? What’s hurtful? As you start to see yourself more clearly, you might realize that many of those patterns were learned in your family of origin. But, before we start pointing our fingers at Mommy and Daddy, we have to commit to one additional mindset or we will remain trapped in the past.

UNcomplicating: I Before We

If you were to ask a lot of us about the family we grew up in, you’d often hear “It’s complicated.” Of course it is! Families are made up of different personalities, priorities, tendencies. For many of us, you can also add a layer of irresponsibility, tragedy, divorce or addiction. It’s complicated. So, how do we de-tangle the mess and produce the healthiest possible future for ourselves and the people we love?

Silence Is Golden

In this special message, Joseph explores a tension we’ve all faced before. It doesn’t take long after you start praying that you wonder…am I just talking to myself? Then, add on top of that when stakes are really high. God, I need an answer, God I need direction, God I need a miracle…nothing. For some of you, that’s what’s kept you from faith. For others, it’s made you drift from faith. Believe it or not, the silence is one of the best features of our relationship with God. Find out why you want it.

Big God: Big Grace

For the final installment of the series, we look at an character quality of God that, at first, seems exciting. But for many, this one quality quickly becomes controversial and challenging. If this one thing is true of God, then it means something BIG about ourselves—something we might not want to admit. However, if we can just come to terms with this last, BIG idea, we will be more ourselves and more free than ever before.

Big God: Big Love

If God is love, somebody should tell some of his people. In the name of God, people have committed some pretty unloving acts. People are ignored, ridiculed, controlled—even threatened sometimes—in the name of this God of “love”. So, is there somewhere else we can look to get an idea of what God’s love really looks like? How far does it go? What does it really matter in my every day?

Big God: Big Power

Fear dominates our world. Everywhere you look, there’s something to be scared about. Time will run out, the money’s going to run out, she’s going to run out. And, just when you think you’re safe, along come your goals in life and the fear of never achieving them or not having what it takes. During this talk, Joseph explains the only way to take great, big fear out of the driver’s seat getting to know the greater, bigger power of God.

Big God: Big Church

So, how does one "get to know" a God? It's easier with people Go grab coffee. Shop. Workout together. Take a road trip. God's different. God seems silent and invisible. So how do you relationally connect with that? In our third installment of the Big God series, we reveal a very big way God regularly gets up close and personal.

Big God: Big Plan

Most humans—maybe every human—has wondered the same thing at some point in their lives. Am I here for a reason? Is there a purpose to my life? If there’s a God, does He have some plan, some calling, some directive I’m supposed to be doing right now. Does this school get me there? Does this relationship get me there? Does this job get me there? We want to know our purpose because we want to live passionately—not second-guessing and double-checking all the time. In this talk, Joseph draw our attention to the plan God has for you. And it’s BIG.