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Cross Road

Cross Road: Call It.

If you saw the miracle of a dead man come back to life, it would be hard to forget. But before the “life” part, Jesus inaugurated a ritual to help us remember the “dead” part. Why should we keep returning to it? Maybe the greatest reason is in the last thing Jesus said while dying. More specifically, maybe the secret is in the very last WORD he uttered—an unforgettable word.

Cross Road: So What?!

We all know what it’s like to lose motivation—especially when the task seems great and the benefits seem uncertain. Roman Crucifixion was devastating, of course, but it also wasn’t a smooth journey for Jesus leading up to it. If Jesus knew the Cross was the end fo the line, what motivated him to go through everything leading up to it? It might actually help us understand what good he thought it might do.

Cross Road: I Know a Shortcut

Have you ever taken a shortcut that ended up being a detour? You wanted to avoid these miles, but because of obstacles or congestion, you just made matters worse. It happens in our lives too, right? What should be a quick-fix or a reasonable compromise becomes a disaster. Well, it might seem like an odd place to look, but the Cross of Jesus can be a source of incredible clarity before we make another false move.

Cross Road: Spoiler Alert

Most faith traditions would say their teachings or practices are the most powerful things they have to offer the world. And, to be sure, they have a lot to offer. Oddly, Christians have long fixated on the death of Jesus even more than teachings and practices of Jesus. Seems curious that many people believe series of events, beginning with capital punishment, are the greatest contribution to history. Today, we begin to unpack why the Cross still holds so many answers to life’s biggest questions