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Fix Your Eyes

Fix Your Eyes: Wide-Eyed

Our captivations say a lot about us. They are like “gods” to us—the things we think give us a reason to be alive or tell us what’s most important. They become the places we go when life hurts. Maybe you turn to yourself, maybe you turn to friends. Maybe you turn to God or some concept of Him. But why? Why should it work? Why should God get any attention at all? Why is He any more powerful than some hard work and a good therapist?

Fix Your Eyes: All You See Is Love

If there’s something big enough for our full attention it’s LOVE. Life doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by the loves of our lives. And life never seems darker than when they’ve left us, betrayed us or never crossed our paths in the first place. But, is it possibly that our determination to have love is actually ruining our chances to find it?

Fix Your Eyes: Let Me See Where It Hurts

When good, beautiful things get all of our attention, they start to lose their luster—kind of like when you overplay your favorite song. This might seem like an odd question, but is there a beauty in our pain that might get lost if it absorbs us too much?

Fix Your Eyes: To Your Success (Jason Jaggard)

Everyone relates to the idea of “success” differently. Some of us have been hurt by it. Others wish they had more of it. Should we even care about being successful? What does it look like to handle success in a healthy way and how do we know when we aren’t?

Fix Your Eyes: The Big Picture

We live in a moment of ever-expanding options: Live for this. Identify with this. Brand yourself like this. Work on this. Worry about this. Empty your wallet and fill your life with this. This series is dedicated to ONE outcome: FOCUS—living passionately in a direction with the fewest regrets and second-guessing possible.