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Identify: Your Body

n the search for our true identity, one has to wonder if the BODIES we inhabit play any part. We sure think a lot about them—what we can do, what we would change. But our relationship with our bodies is complicated. Maybe if we could change something about our bodies, it would change how we feel about ourselves. We might be on to something.

Identify: My Super Power

There are superheroes among us. YOU are one of them. It’s hard to believe, but you’ve been endowed with some specialty, some hidden “knack”, some superpower that can change the course of your life forever. It’s part of your unique identity. But how do you unlock it? In this message, Joseph reveals the one place you must look to find it.

Identify: Your Purpose

If we’re going to discover our true identity, we have to try and discover our true purpose…if we have one. It’s not enough to talk about our careers—or else we only have purpose when we have a job. So, what could your purpose be? How would you know?

Identify: Your Worth

One of the most important questions you have to answer about your identity is, “How much am I worth?” Are you worth more than what you’ve settled for? Are you worth more than how you’re being treated? Am you worth another chance? We’d all like to answer, “Yes!”, but how can you know for certain? Finding out won’t only change your expectations, but it will radically improve how you love others.

Identify: Your Dignity

Which one of us, when we were kids, dreamt of growing up to be mediocre?! No way! We wanted to slay dragons and have adventures and fly to the moon! Makes you wonder if we were on to something. Maybe you were born for greatness. You might’ve settled into mediocrity, but it doesn’t mean you’ve stopped longing for something more. In this talk, we uncover the real source of human greatness, human dignity.

Identify: Hide ’n’ Seek

We’ve all tried to “find ourselves”. Maybe that’s what your parents called your college year. Maybe that’s what you call that one tattoo. Maybe that’s how’d you’d describe your last job…or your last marriage.

But the real question is, did you ever find what you were looking for?

For those who on the search—and for those who just gave it up—we offer a series exploring who you really are down deep and why that matters so much.

But before we see who we really are, we need to address why we’d pretend to be anyone else to begin with.