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One Thing: Mark Lee

What is the gospel? It may not be only about getting us into heaven but about getting heaven into us. Watch the Video Podcast or check out more messages in this series by going to

One Thing: The Gospel According to Ocean's 11 (Jason Jaggard)

Last week’s talk left us with a cliffhanger (check it out on our podcast): if our greatest calling in life isn’t to simply come to the well and be satisfied but to become a well of God for others, then how do we do it? Jason Jaggard will introduce us to one of the primary tools for becoming a well - which happens to be one of the most under utilized tools in the world. Oh, and he’ll talk about Ocean’s 11.

One Thing: The Gospel According to Willy Wonka (Jason Jaggard)

When I was a kid I’d watch “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and wish I was Charlie. The one who got chosen. Now as an adult I want to be Willy Wonka. The one who gets to choose. Is it possible that God doesn’t just want you to come to the well, but that he wants to you become a well for others? This, to me, is the end game of spiritual innovation, to move from a well drinker to a well builder.