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Owning It

Owning It: Enough’s Enough.

If you do only one thing this year to build muscle in your character and faith, it might be this final installment in our series. Jesus seemed to think so. In fact, it seems like this one, rebellious way of seeing your world has been the greatest opportunity for human development and advancement since the very, very beginning. Is your life a depleting resource—with a countdown clock and limited resources. Or, is your life full of untapped potential, opportunity and abundance. More than self-motivation, what you expect to be true changes nearly every choice you’ll make in your future.

Owning It: Here Goes Nothing.

Giants walk among us. Giants of faith. People who seem to have the ear of God because they can share story after story of miracles and surprises that seem almost too good to be true. Do have supernatural abilities? No. In fact, throughout history, God has only used ordinary people doing ordinary things to unveil something extraordinary. If you want to experience a future full of God-sized surprises, you’ll be encouraged to know how simple it is to choose it.

Owning It: Private Practice

Who doesn’t like a shortcut? If there’s a shorter way to get from where we are to where we want to be, we want to take it. If I can swallow a pill or skim the bullet points to take the quantum leap, I’m all in. But we have to face the fact that the life we want is most likely built in the slow, steady pattern of discipline. And discipline is one of those ideas that’s hard to accept, impossible to avoid. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? But not everyone will get to have the future you want.

Owning It: There’s No ‘I’ in Future

If you were absolutely convinced your future was made on the quality of your character and faith, HOW would you go about building them? Maybe you need to get your butt in the seat on Sunday. Maybe you need to develop some individual habits that strengthen you. Those have a place. Those will feed you for sure. But many people miss one of the most powerful ways God has ALWAYS grown the human condition. And it’s probably already happening in your life.

Owning It: Happy DO Year!

When a new year comes around, everyone wants to make this one better than the last. But everyone faces a challenge: every year is full of unforeseen circumstances that stand in the way. However, there will be people all around us that will seem to forge ahead, get stronger, go further—even when hit with the same surprises. What’s the difference? The good news for all of us is that it’s not based on having more talent or more good luck. It’s based on something each of us can start right now.