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Stop and Go

Stop and Go: Can't Lose

Change is hard, but we still experience it all the time. In fact, the only reason we resist change isn’t because we lack the strength to endure it, it’s usually because we don’t really care enough for the difference it would make. We COULD start that diet or we COULD break up with him, but is the potential really worth the pain of getting there? As you face this next chapter of your life, don’t ask yourself how hard it will be to change, ask yourself if you have a vision big enough to justify it.

Stop and Go: A Good Goodbye

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, endings can disrupt us and shake us to our core—maybe even shatter us. Whether we choose to stop or the ending happens for us, the change deserves our our attention more than we might want to give it. The past has so much to offer our future, but we have to know how to mine it. Some of the resources we need for the future are waiting where we just were.

Stop and Go: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Have you ever found yourself waiting for a sign that you should keep going or make a change? Maybe it’s a routine you’ve been trying that isn’t yielding results. Maybe it’s a dream that’s just not fulfilling you the way it should. Maybe it’s a relationship facing challenges! How do you when it’s best to stick with it or cut your losses and make a change? Knowing when to stay and when to go is actually quite simple—it’s not often EASY—but it’s simple.

Stop and Go: Start Fresh

Change is an inevitable part of life. That doesn’t mean we always want it. It doesn’t mean we always choose it. But it’s going to happen. Frequently. As we launch this series—and begin the process of a big change in our church context—we want to face the fact that new things can’t start without some old things ending. And, the more significant the change, the more drastic the end.