The culmination of everything we believe, prefer and understand about God and His world is Jesus Christ. He’s our Senior Pastor, He’s our Source, He’s our King. He made us, holds us together and makes sense of life. Everything else radiates from Him.


Every human is equally valuable, equally welcome and equally “in-process”. We all need Jesus. We all need God’s mercy. We all need to be loved. Those who follow Jesus aren’t any better at all, we’ve just found out Jesus meets our core needs and don’t want anyone to miss out on that.


God chose people—specifically a community of people called the Church—to carry out His mission on Earth. That means the local church is meant to be God’s direct expression of love and acceptance to the world, and anyone who considers themselves a Christian should be an active, contributing part of a local church.


verb |ˈrādēˌātiNG|: diverging from a central point.
We believe that lives centered on Jesus will naturally disperse. Any eternal difference made in this world will not come from church wearing us out or burning us out. It will come from Jesus sending us out.


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