Radius offers temporary, short term, financial assistance to people in our community facing practical financial needs during times of crisis through our Relief Fund.

The mandate of our Relief Fund volunteer leaders is that they prayerfully consider the needs of the Radius community to provide a hand UP, not a hand OUT. In other words, they ask the question, and prayerfully consider...can funds provide a bridge to improvement, not a bandaid for a moment?

If you’d like to explore how the Relief Fund might help you at this time please complete the below application to request support from our Relief Fund.

We think it is important to set expectations, so please know if you do not fill out the entire application, we will not be able to reply to your request. For all competed applications we will respond within 30 days. Detail is important when completing the application.

We’re in this together.

Do you have children?
Do you attend Radius?
Do you give to Radius?
Do you volunteer at Radius?
Do you have a budget?
Have you received financial help from Radius in the past?