sign up for a group near you

Let’s face it, the most powerful moments—the ones that really change us—are not the ones we spectate in rows, no matter how compelling the experience is.

We love Sundays. We love gathering together people from all walks of life to share in a cultural moment. Amazing things happen. New beginnings are sparked. People get to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

But the real traction happens when we connect with each other, build trust, ask questions and consider how these big ideas intersect with our everyday lives. We need places where we’re not a face in the crowd, but a unique story that God is writing just for us.

That place is groups.

We bet there’s one near you at a time that works for you. You’re not signing up for a program, you’re not committing the rest of your life. You’re just joining a growing number of people in Radius who are ready to say, “I want to be known! I want to grow! I have a story!” Join us.

Check back August 21st to sign up for fall groups sign ups!