930A: INfants (first steps) through 5th grade (rad city) = KIDS

11a: infants (first steps) through 5th grade (rad city), plus middle + high school (illume) = KIDS + YOUTH

We believe in kids

We believe in dads.
We believe in moms.
We believe in single parents.
We believe strong families can get stronger.
We believe broken families can be healed.
We believe defeated families can find hope.
But we also believe none of us can get there alone.

So, at Radius, we have an unshakeable passion to help kids discover the truth of Jesus in an environment where they experience the love of God.
We are committed to partnering with parents to biblically train up, encourage, and invite their kids to follow Jesus.

What’s New


Join us on a GREAT BIG ADVENTURE on 09.15!!

Why should your family join us on this GREAT BIG ADVENTURE?

09.15 (Big Launch Sunday)

  • 9:30AM (First Steps & RadCity = Kids) or 11:00AM (First Steps, RadCity, & illume = Kids + Youth)

  • Family Carnival, snow cones, free gifts for all Kids and Youth, prize raffles, and a chance to meet a real mermaid!

  • For every friend a kid/youth brings, they get to "throw a pie” at their volunteer leaders!

  • Whichever group brings the most friends - wins a DONUT PARTY the next week!