Well, a new year is upon us.

  • For many, that conjures up excitement for new dreams and goals. For others, it strikes dread and anxiety because each year is packed with surprises—and they’re not always the good kind.

  • Of course, for many, the new year blows by without getting much attention at all. It’s just another day, another month, another year of keeping the same routine and expecting the same results.

  • There is one expectation we can all have about the future: It’s coming whether you’re ready or not. So, what would it look like, feel like for you to be more prepared for this new year than you were last year? What would it mean for you to have everything you need to have the best year ever in your relational life, your financial life and your spiritual life.

  • The good news is, it won’t be built on your level of talent or the amount of “luck” you happen to hit.

  • It will be based on 5 crucial habits you form and we’re going to cover each of them in the first 5 Sundays of 2019. You already have what it takes. You already have the key ingredients. You already have what you need at your fingertips to make the most of this next year in every area of your life. God made sure of it.

  • The only question is, will you choose to leverage them?

  • You have a future. Learn what to do about it.

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