Small Groups

Circle up, Radius! It’s time for Groups!

What are Groups at Radius?

Groups are an amazing opportunity for those interested in going deeper in their faith to connect with others in a weekly small group setting where the focus is on living out your faith in daily life. It’s great to come together on a Sunday to worship, learn from the message and to volunteer, but what about all those other days of the week? It can be challenging to apply our Sunday experiences to the rest of our lives. But as we connect with one another weekly, we are able to explore together what it means to apply and practice our faith in the day-to-day.

How does it work?

Small Groups are designed to help us infuse Bible study, Christian spiritual habits and prayer into our everyday lives. These practices help us to grow personally and spiritually together through community. Our groups typically consist of about 12 people, are diverse in their makeup and meet in different areas of the city, mostly in and adjacent to the Valley.

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The next session of groups will start the week of October 13th and wraps up the week of December 8th.

Are Groups right for me?

Groups are right for you if…

- You know your schedule will allow you to attend a group consistently

- You are ready to go deeper spiritually

- You want to be an active part of a community

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