If You’re New - welcome!

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What to Expect:

People of all ages, races, incomes, stories.

No dress code.

We have insanely good coffee provided by curated local roasters.

We start on time, but you can take your time finding a seat.

We end on time, but you can leave slowly if you want (or just bolt to the car).

Our experiences last an hour and include incredible music, a few laughs and thought-provoking, engaging teaching from the Bible (don’t worry if you don’t bring one).



We’re so glad you’re here! Whether you’re trying to size up faith or searching for a new church home for an ongoing spiritual life, there’s a place for you in Radius. We’re a community where all generations and backgrounds can explore and experience a growing relationship with Jesus.

When you visit us on a Sunday, please make sure to stop by the “Next Steps” counter. We would love to meet you and hear how we can serve you…and we have a gift for you (no strings attached).

If you have kids, you can go straight to our Family Welcome Center. If you miss this, any one of our volunteers can direct you there.